Growing up, my day never truly started until my bed was made, creases were straight, and everything was in its designated place. After years of perfecting my room, my need to organize spread to the entire house and to the rooms of other siblings and friends; quickly earning major brownie points which is very hard to come by as a middle sibling. Through this experience, I learned my inclination to clean and organize wasn’t intrinsic to everyone, and helping others became a very rewarding exercise.

As I entered adulthood, I was determined to “Be my own boss” but struggled to realize what I wanted to do professionally. Personally, there’s no better way to get the ball rolling than to get a good cleaning in. Countless days were spent thinking, folding, sweeping, categorizing drawers, labeling jars, and so on… Then, it finally hit me. THIS – was what I could turn into a business, what my legacy would be.

The goal of starting TIDIYHOUSE was to put into practice my keen eye for detail and affinity for creating clutter-free and organized spaces. This adventure soon became to reinvent traditional organizing and merge it with interior design and style.

I hope to inspire present and future clients to develop a new appreciation for an organized life. Let’s get TIDIY!


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